There are two different types of application process to be followed depending on whether or not the application is made for (a) an individual (aged up to 25) or (b) for an organisation.

Eligibility – organisations

We see ourselves as a flexible and helpful funder. We don’t have many restrictions on what type of organisation can apply for funding but we do have certain exclusions.

If you fall within one of exclusions, it’s not because we dislike your organisation but rather that there are other funders more suited to helping your cause. In general terms most of the organisations that benefit from our funding are: registered charities, volunteer organisations, educational, arts and sports entities, community groups and so on but there are plenty of other organisations that we have helped over the years (from what you will note elsewhere on our website) that cannot be easily pigeon holed.

Examples of some of the wide range of causes we have supported in recent times are as follows:

• Bridgeton, St Francis-in-the-East, Church House
• Glasgow Humane Society
• Project for Amputees in Glasgow East (PAGE)
• GEN R 8 Project in Easterhouse (National Childrens Home)
• East Glasgow Music School

For detailed eligibility criteria for organisations, click here.

Eligibility – individuals

We believe that all young people who possess drive and ability should have access to and take up extracurricular or further education that allows them, ultimately, to fulfil their potential, regardless of their background.

The scholarships we provide are for young people (mainly of secondary school age but very occasionally for those in the upper years of primary school).

In the case of children aged under 16, most of the scholarships we provide are to support attendance (full time or part time) at specialist music, drama and the arts schools (e.g. junior conservatoires) and sporting academies one day/weekend courses, ‘summer’/training camps or similar or to assist with the purchase of music or other equipment.

We also support young people seeking to take up further education. The types of assistance we provide in the case of further education tends to be, for example, money towards tuition fees, travel, living costs, equipment and so on, all subject to some means testing and our own financial limits.

The Charity benefits from the generosity of a number of past members; none more so than Mr R. A. Wilson. From his substantial bequest we have been able to set up, The R.A. Wilson Bequest. This has allowed us to support and sponsor young people who would otherwise find education and the arts difficult to afford without our assistance. As an example, we began supporting a young lady from the East End of Glasgow a few years ago, at the stage she was hoping to go to University, but required some financial assistance. She has now graduated with a good B.A. degree in Psychology from a Glasgow University.

For detailed eligibility criteria for individuals, click here.