Eligibility Criteria – Individuals

The R. A. Wilson Bequest

The R.A. Wilson Bequest is to be used for the following purposes:

  • further education (e.g. University, apprenticeships etc);
  • music, drama and the arts (e.g. musical instruments, art materials) and;
  • ‘Miscellaneous’ (further development of the young e.g. youth clubs).

Under the “further education” category, we invite applications from school leavers who wish to proceed with further education, but feel they would benefit from financial and practical assistance. Successful applicants will be assigned to one of our Trustees who will act as mentor for three years.

We will only offer a commitment for three years. Further assistance can be requested under special circumstances and will be discussed by the current Directors and Past Presidents. The level of financial support will be up to £1,000 per semester (although most awards do not exceed £500 per semester), paid at the start of each semester.

Each recipient is expected to meet with their mentor three times in an academic year (at the start of each semester and at end of the academic year after exams). We expect you to produce proof of expenditure and evidence of achievements. Funding may be withdrawn if you fail to provide proof of expenditure or to meet reasonable academic standards.

We would hope that the funding we provide may just tip the balance and make the difference between furthering education and stopping.

Only applications received from school head teachers or appointed University representatives will be considered. Applications should therefore not be sent directly from individual students.

Applicants will require to supply the following information:

  1. That you resident in Scotland along with proof of residence in Scotland.
  2. Proof of leave to remain in the United Kingdom  (where appropriate)
  3. Evidence of financial need and low income
  4. Where relevant, evidence of how homecare is having an impact on your education both now and likely in the future
  5. Information supportive of a self-development programme and a commitment to learn
  6. Proof that you are a high achiever
  7. Evidence that the money you are requesting will make a tangible/real difference to your future
  8. If you fall within the age bracket 15/16 to 25 (in the sense of those at the stage of applying for further education), proof that you have or will soon meet the entrance requirements for an undergraduate or first degrees or similar level further education course.

As part of their application, applicants are asked to submit a covering letter to include the following: brief personal introduction, course title and where, when and what they hope to achieve from their studies (“Course” includes: one-day or weekend course, a summer school, credit-rated short course or evening course, as well as further education courses).

Application form for young person bursaries

Where relevant, the following requires to be covered in the requisite covering letter to the application form:

  1. Confirmation of the extent of your financial need and low income – e.g. your receipt of free meals or EMA (Education Maintenance Allowance). Please provide as much detail on this point as you can, including matters that do not include receipt of allowances or benefits;
  2. Information supportive of your personal/self-development programme and a commitment to learn;
  3. Where relevant, please provide as much detail as possible on how homecare is having an impact on your education both now and likely in the future. We are not asking you to criticise the people who take care of you. Please simply state the facts. Relevant examples include: parents with physical or mental health issues, number and ages of siblings, size of home, lone parent families, single earner families, being cared for by foster parents, a combination of these factors and similar factors;
  4. Evidence that you are a high achiever. We don’t expect you to excel in every school subject but, in general terms, we will only fund those who show excel in the subjects relevant to their chosen specialism/passion/path, whether that be in: music, art, drama, sport and so on or in a further education subject such as: English, Maths, a science or one of the professions. Please also note that our application assessment process is weighted 75% based on financial need and 25% based on ability, but the 25% weighting will be focussed on high achievement, as outlined above. The above (e.g. music and art) are simply examples of our outlook. They should not be regarded as prohibitive on what we fund. Please contact us with any queries you may have on funding enquiries.
  5. As regards all of the above, in your application covering letter you will need to show that the money you are requesting will make a tangible/real difference to your future
  6. If you fall within the age bracket 15/16 to 25 (i.e. those at the stage of applying for further education) please note that we only fund undergraduate or first degrees. In that regard, your application process will not finalise until you have provided proof that you have met the entrance requirements for your chosen course (in some circumstances we can consider a revised application for a course different to your original application but we will need to specifically agree to that revisal and that may require (i) some further consultation with you and (ii) director agreement before funding is signed off).