The Society supports only a limited number of funding strands. If you or your organisation are considering making an application, it is important to bear this in mind.

Our principal strands or types of funding are as follows:

Care and well-being

These are causes that seek to reduce exclusion faced by the vulnerable, alleviate health inequalities and improve physical and mental wellbeing;

Strengthening Communities

These are causes that benefit those who are disproportionately and negatively affected either economically or due to the marginalised nature of their peer group. Under this theme the Society supports causes that create meaningful, sustainable solutions to address local needs;

Realising potential

These are causes that address social and educational inequalities in youngsters from a very young age. These seek to provide young people with positive destinations and open up similar opportunities to the peers of those children. Such causes identify and nurture talent in young people across disciplines and, where appropriate, help young people to become confident and resilient future leaders. They might also aim to nurture and develop talented young Scots with the ability and potential to represent Scotland at the highest level (e.g. in their chosen sport).